Gravity doesn’t exist – Erik Verlinde

Erik Verlinde: A new explanation of gravity.

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Publicado el 17 nov. 2011

Interview with Dutch physicist Erik Verlinde (professor theoretical physics, University of Amsterdam) about his revolutionary theory on gravity.

Language Dutch. English subtitles.

Interview: Jan Lepeltak, camera & editing: Leo Enzlin.

Camera and editing: Leo Enzlin. ]


Erik Verlinde – Gravity doesn’t exist

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Publicado el 10 jun. 2011

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The theoretical physicist believes that gravity is an emergent phenomenon, not the elemental “force” that Newton and Einstein theorized it to be. He thinks it is the result of patterns of complex, microscopic phenomena. ]



Erik Verlinde in Wikipedia

Erik Peter Verlinde born 21 January 1962) is a Dutch theoretical physicist and string theorist. He is the identical twin brother of physicist Herman Verlinde. The Verlinde formula, which is important in conformal field theory and topological field theory, is named after him. His research deals with string theory, gravity, black holes and cosmology. Currently, he works at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam.

At a symposium at the Dutch Spinoza-institute on 8 December 2009 he introduced a theory of entropic gravity. In this theory, gravity exists because of a difference in concentration of information in the empty space between two masses and its surroundings; he also extrapolates this to general relativity and quantum mechanics. He said in an interview with the newspaper de Volkskrant,[1] “On the smallest level Newton’s laws don’t apply, but they do for apples and planets. You can compare this to the pressure of a gas. Molecules themselves don’t have any pressure, but a barrel of gas has.” It appears that Verlinde’s approach to explaining gravity leads naturally to the correct observed strength of dark energy.

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Erik Verlinde – The Hidden Phase Space of Our Universe

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Publicado el 29 mar. 2014

Talk at Strings 2011 held at the Uppsala University, July27-July2, 2011.

Event website:… ]




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