Ludwig Boltzmann – The genius of disorder (2007)

Ludwig Boltzmann – The genius of disorder (2007)

Video about the life and work of Ludwig Boltzmann, imported from ‘Alexander Grothendieck‘ YouTube channel.



[Publicado el 7 ago. 2015

The 19th-century physicist Ludwig Boltzmann stirred up controversy by proposing that scientists could make intelligent guesses about the behavior of atoms, which, though they moved randomly, could be described by certain probabilistic generalizations.His suggestion to explain thermodynamics by using statistical methods went against the long-standing trend of assuming absolute fixed laws. These were profound and disturbing changes.

The movie is about the engaging story of science and personal struggle of Ludwig Boltzmann, set against the intellectual climate of nineteenth-century Vienna, and shows how science has come to accept the reality of the invisible world.

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