The extended mind. Mind beyond the brain (Rupert Sheldrake series #3).

A 2008 speech of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake about consciousness, brain and morphogenetic fields, imported from the YouTube channel ‘Darren Jone 2017‘.



Publicado el 25 dic. 2016

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talking about recent (as of 2008) evidence for his theory of the extended mind. The theory predicts that mind (i.e. consciousness) is a field of influence extending beyond the brain and the body, and is based on the observation of mental phenomena such as telepathy and mental influence at a distance. In western cultures these concepts meet strong controversy, but in Asian cultures they have become common sense and are known since ancient times. In China they find applications such as qigong therapy, qigong remote healing, feng shui, and many others, including communication with the dead. The Chinese use a different terminology for the energy fields but with a little fantasy the parallels to morphic fields become obvious. For comparison, I have shared a relevant qigong therapy manual excerpt here:… ]


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