The mystery of consciousness

The mystery of consciousness: How the search to understand the nature of consciousness is leading to a new view of reality.

In recent years science and philosophy have seen a resurgence of open-mindedness toward deeper views of consciousness. This book explores ideas and evidence now changing the way scientists and philosophers approach the place of consciousness in the universe. From the frontiers of modern physics and cosmology to controversial experiments exploring telepathy and mind-matter interaction, the emerging view promises to change how we understand our place in the universe, our relationship to other life, and the nature of reality itself.

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A documentary imported from ‘metaRising‘ YouTube channel.

Published 15 oct. 2016

Is consciousness fundamental?

A classic documentary about mind matter interaction. …/… ]



The Rise of Panpsychism | Reality and Consciousness | Waking Cosmos

[ Published 24 june 2018

The view that consciousness is fundamental to reality is gaining growing support in science and philosophy. Once a fringe idea – modern versions of this view are now steering the contemporary discourse across fields including neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of mind.  Today on Waking Cosmos, Adrian explores the philosophical position of “panpsychism”, and the cause of its growing popularity.



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Does Consciousness Collapse the Quantum Wave Function? | Waking Cosmos

Does Consciousness Collapse the Quantum Wave Function? In today’s episode of Waking Cosmos Adrian explores why consciousness-involving interpretations of quantum measurement are here to stay.

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The Origins of Consciousness – Part 1

Vídeo imported from ‘AbsoluteInclusivity‘ YouTube channel.

[ Published 3 march 2013 – This is the first in a series of videos titled, “The Origins of Consciousness”. It stands as an introduction to a rather vast an inclusive perspective on human consciousness from a metaphysical orientation. The basic premise draws upon the reflective nature between our human-made civilizations and an infrastructure of consciousness that acts as a “blueprint” for our external/internal lives. …/… ]



Nagarjuna's Nagas kingdom - 11 b



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