Mind science consciousness & the quantum universe

Hidden truth of mind science consciousness & the quantum universe



Consciousness & physical brain

Originis of human consciousness

Imported from ‘Ugur Tekdal‘ YouTube channel, here’s a relevant docu talking about the most relevant topic: Consciousness.

Publicado el 3 feb. 2015 – Science tries to study the origins of human consciousness. Is consciousness only in our physical brains? Or is consciousness something deeper and universal. 

An amazing documentary on quantum physics microscopic universe make a full time income with surveys: Book your next hotel/flight. An amazing Docu.  …/… ]



Mind Science Consciousness

It’s an old question: What is consciousness? Today, sophisticated brain imaging technologies, clinical studies, as well as the newfound ability to listen to the whisper of even an individual nerve cell, are bringing scientists closer than ever to the neurobiological basis of consciousness. Join some of the world’s leading researchers who are primed to determine if Homo sapiens are the only conscious species, if consciousness lives only within our brain or also outside of it, and ultimately, the fundamental biochemical processes underlying the life of the mind.





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