Lucid dreaming secrets of Charley Morley

Lucid dreaming secrets of Charlie Morley –  (Rare documentary)

Imported from ‘Ancestral Productions‘ YouTube channel.



Publicado el 25 ago. 2016

Video: Lucid Dreaming Secrets of Charlie Morley (Rare documentary)

Retrieved from “Rinchen Dawa” YoutTube channel (now closed):

Lucid dreaming secrets – expand your consciousness beyond the waking state to access deeper understanding and higher realities. Featuring lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley. A 45 minute TV documentary filmed by SABC TV at the Tara Rokpa Centre in South Africa, over the August 2012 retreat.

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Get Charlie’s new book here:


Musik: “Surface” von Alain Bergier, Frank Novon & Jim Harbourg (iTunes)

This video was posted on this channel courtesy of Charlie Morley. For more info visit Charlie’s channel here: ]




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